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our All New Killer B Wireless Headphones!

Introducing our new Killer B Wireless Headphones to work with the Minelab Equinox 700/900, Manticore, X-Terra Pro, X-Terra Elite, and X-Terra Expedition!

These headphones are the result of hundreds of hours of work to develop the best possible wireless headphones to address some of the shortcomings of other options available for these detector models.

In short, they are more comfortable, they sound better, and simply help you find more treasure.

We worked with Minelab engineers to develop these to work with their unique wireless technology, so you can be assured that they are 100% compatible with your Minelab and are not some reverse engineered piece of questionable origin.   These headphones will sync quickly and every time with your detector.

The muffs are designed with an ample amount of sound absorption, to help block out the wind and other background noises.  No longer will everyone around you hear your target signals while you are hunting. And more importantly no longer will the soft signals be masked by light wind and environmental noises.

Through our testing we also identified speakers which give these headphones clarity in all frequency ranges, making it easier for you to pick out the good targets from the bad ones.    You will love the sound and clarity you hear with the Killer B Wireless headphones.   Volume is more than ample for the vast majority of users, which can be a concern with other headphone options.

Comfort was also at the top of our list of desires, so these muffs are built to fit snug over your ears – but not too tight.    Plus both the seals and headband are covered with comfortable leather that will not get hard, crack and develop sharp edges.

Battery life is excellent as well, as over 50 hours on a full charge is available with these headphones!

Give the Killer B Wireless headphones a try… we think you will love them and not look back as you hear what you have been missing.

Features of the Killer B Wireless Headphones:

To purchase these headphones go to our launch partner Fort Bedford Metal Detectors